The Irish condition is certainly renowned for its subversive articulation of the everyday.

The brothers O Súilleabháin certainly have inherited an extremely articulate streak from a wealth of sources. They have had the privilege of being often in conversation and collaboration with the Irish president Michael D Higgins, the late theologian and philosopher John O'Donohue, the poet David Whyte, Mary Robinson, Abbot Patrick Hederman, Sogyal Rinpoche, American director Steven Spielberg, Australian actor Russell Crowe, Canadian musician Alan Doyle, Irish philosopher Richard Kearney and Riverdance composer Bill Whelan,

Moley & Owen have wide experience of performing both as speakers and at speaking events. Their parents are both lauded academics, musicians, and cultural ambassadors in Ireland and the brothers have performed with David Whyte regularly for several years and have enjoyed and grown remarkably within that apprenticeship.

These two brothers have so much to say about a range of issues inside and outside the artistic world. Owen is an honours student of Philosophy and Greek and Roman Culture as well as having a MA in Peace & Development Studies. Moley is an ethnomusicologist with a MA specialisation in Rap music in Ireland and the global spread of cultural arts. Both Owen & Moley's experience in the field of leadership and public performance make them a fresh and vibrant addition to any panel or event that requires a speaking mandate.

Owen & Moley have an appetite for this mode of performance and have a large experience and courage in this regard. They believe that a creative excellence in the arts and music can be made relevant to all parts of modern life and industry.