Moley's blog: Tubridy to Billy Jam

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Hello Ireland and the world,
Size2shoes will be on the Ryan Tubridy morning radio show on tuesday the 14th April if you guys are up outta bed, but school is out so parents and teachers will be hopefully still in bed! Leave a message on the site if you want us to work in any strange ideas, names or vocab - it will be our little secret, though obviously we will not be able to use certain curse words!

We went to see Iarla Ó Lionáird sing a new Gavin Bryars piece in st. Mary's cathedral in Limerick couple of nights ago and it was indeed amazing. Size2 entertained an group of mostly jungian analysts also on their visit to glenstal and their reaction proved that S2S are appealing to every demographic of humanity, banged out a couple of albums there too.

As you guys can see we are now selling the album through Paypal which means the album comes straight from the source, which is us! We are the metaphorical fountain of knowledge and we invite you to grab your credit card and drink from the sacred well of music, the well is deep and there is enough for everyone!

The Billy Jam WFMU radio show live from Limerick too was a hip hop extravaganza and a proud moment for the Limerick crew. Well done to all, we will be posting clips on the site from that night where s2s and MC Moley performed.

Will let you guys know,
All our love to our cousing Dermot Sheridan (Wooly) who tragically died two nights ago at the age of 24. He was a great fan of size2shoes and was not shy about advising us about our careers, he even offered to manage us several times! Now he is immortalised in the Size2shoes blog. We will bury him in the next few days, and we will miss him.

Hope you guys are good.

Note to Readers:

  • Ryan Tubridy Show appearance will be available to listen to via this link two days after broadcast.
  • Listen to interview and performances (Temper Temper and more) from WFMU (New Jersey, US station), live from Limerick at WFMU and the special page for the event (page search 'size2shoes', MC Moley also underneath size2shoes).