Moley's blog: Who's in the house?!

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Hello people of Ireland,

Thanks to all who bought the new s2s CD in the National Concert Hall two nights ago! The gig was a fundraiser for the 'To Russia With Love' charity and we had some laugh backstage with the rest of the performers (well done John Masterson!!).

Me and Eoin were performing with Dr. Nóirín Ní Riain (our mother!) as part of AMEN vocal Trio, which was angelic as usual! Then immediately after that Gay Byrne, who was MCing the night introduced s2s and we played a song from our inevitable second album called 'Temper Temper' with beatbox and some rap in it and the capacity NCH crowd fecking loved it! Our first performance in that hallowed hall augers well for the future! We were hangin out with Gay Byrne at the sound checks and he is a cool dude, he was tickled at the story of how we got the name Size2shoes!

That story is a whole other blog! :)

The rest of the performers loved s2s too and we gave a couple of CD's personally to Gay Byrne, Tommy Tiernan, Brendan O'Connon (Who's in the house!?), Moya Brennan and one to Kíla (they can fight over it or order more through CDBaby or itunes!) Maeve Higgins, Moya Brennan, Cara O'Sullivan, Liam Ó Maonlaí and Eleanor Shanley also performed on the night and hope loads of money was made.

To Russia with love had loads of volunteers backstage and their were some pro makeup and hairstylists backstage so we were looking pretty cheesy and Eoin availed in full to his usual pre performance back crack and sack wax....I'm obviously joking...

Wanted to get Brendan O'Connor on tape talking about his huge Irish rap hit from 2000 'Who's in the house?...Jesus in Da House' (remember that one?) but the night flew so we will get him next time for the archives.

We flogged about 30 CD's out in the foyer of the NCH at the interval after our performance too! And 10 per cent went to the charity cos we are sooo nice.

This blog is too long!
More gigs on the way thanks to all who have been in touch with feedback!