Eoin's blog: Shamone!

[caption id="attachment_388" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="size2shoes live at Union Chapel"]size2shoes live at Union Chapel[/caption]

The King is dead!

It's take this long to sink in really. It only really hit me during our gig last night in Union Chapel. We were being joined by a very special guest, guitarist virtuoso Brendan de Belder. So, I says, "later we'll be joined by a very special guest", and me Moley says, "Yeah, a very special guest, and I'll give you a clue". Moley eyes the crowd for a moment and then squawks, "Shamone!" That's me Mole - irreverent.

London was extremely kind to us - people don't really talk it up as much as other cities around the world, and I can't see why. We kept bumping into really friendly people all over the place.

One night, planning on having a quiet night in, we got itchy feet and headed down to jazz club in Greenwich. There were some cool cats in a tiny little cellar bar, spinning out some smooth sounds. Then they invited up some people in the crowd to play with them and me and Moley got up and sang Moondance. We met two girls there who came along to our gig last night- rock on the White Strips! Then were sitting next to a man who sings like a girl, or counter-tenor for those of you in Classical scene called Mark Chambers, a little legend who lives in Donegal and teaches some voice students in University of Ulster Derry. He showed up with his lovely lady friend, and also helped us get the right bus back home.

And loads of other people came too - thanks everyone! There was such a great buzz in room after the gig; lots of good energy.

Thanks to Daniel Vais at Culture Device for making all that magic at the Islington Dance Festival happen. He also set up a performance for a local old folks club where me and oley did our thing with dancer Elena Giannotti, who is one of the most powerful dancers I've every seen. From the second she moves you're enthralled. Beware anyone who has the privilege of seeing this girl do her thing! I wish she had a website you could check out. I'll keep you posted.

Amazing weekend ahead of us here now - then I'm heading into this event www.theguestbookproject.org - never a dull moment at Camp S2S :)