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[caption id="attachment_373" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="size2shoes live in Ennis"]size2shoes live in Ennis[/caption]

Four gigs in four nights ladies and gentlemen! Two more gigs next week, and that's not to talk of, well, how can I put it, the best weekend I've even had in my life!!!

Well, lets begin at the end and move back, untill I have to go anyway.

Last night we hit The Cruibin in Cork City. Some of you may remember this seminal Cork venue under its previous title The Lobby, but a couple of dudes down there have taken it over and totally revamped it; it's now a bright, breezy, but still kind of art-school cool pub and restraurant, with a beautiful room upstairs with big Georgian windows overlooking the Lee, or some such tribituary. And as for the crowd, you were brilliant!!! Thanks so much for making our Cork debut, how can I say this without making it sound cheap, the best Size2shoes gig yet! Really.

We had a girl called Sarah Horgan open up for us, joined by an amazing signer Muireann (what's your suranme) doing some shit-hot vocal work. Well done dudes!

Trad singer supremo Karen Casey showed up as did trad-idol Niall Valelly, so we kind of had to up our game, and with the indubitable Dave 'Best Hair in the Business' Duffy on double and eclectic Bass, I believe we stepped up to the mark. I heard from two solid sources that people were finding it hard to sleep last night following the come down from the euphoria enduced by sitting through a Size2 event. Insomniacs be warned.

Saturday night saw the party explode in Thurles Golf Club. Yes, I know what you're thinking, but actaully I can safely say this was one of the most appreciative audiences in a golf club in the world at that time I would wager. They listened hard, it was humbling. Thanks John McNally and fam for having us there. Let's do it again!

Thursday was in the foyer of the Solstice Arts Centre in Navan, the only palyndromic town in Ireland (google that word for the craic :) Again, a very mature crowd, again, humbling. You can't get away with anything with an older crowd. They listen like hawks, but they all left seeming like happy little bunnies.

And of course there was the Rualle Buille kids' festival in Lucan on Thursday. This saw 28 girls from 3rd class in Scoil Mhuire joining Size2shoes on stage to sing the do-do-dos in the song Breathless. The Cutest Thing in the World!!! You can do no wrong with a chorus of 28 nine year-olds.

Before we went on the festival had a youth choir callled Aspiro on before us. They were unbelievebale. About 40 kids about nine singing this nursery ryhme cantata, with actions!!! And, watch this space, Size2shoes may be doing something with them in the future, which would be totally wicked.

Bumped into the brilliant and beautiful singer Julie Feeney last week up in Dublin with a cool friend of hers from Galway called Sharon Desmond who has deigned a dress from Julie made up of the sheets of the music she wrote for the orchestra on her new album. Classy stuff. But she asked us to open up for her at her album launch at Crawdaddy on Wednesday night. If you can, get there! Her new stuff is excellent. She's the Irish Bjorc. It's an honour to be asked, and there will be some serious industry heads from the big smoke in the room. Me and Moley have been working on our, "we're too cool for all this even if we are only boggers from down the country whose music isn't cool enough to be cool" face. It's coming along nicely :)

l8r d00ds