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Hello blogland, thanks for readin!

Well done to all who came along to Whelans, mad night, we're delighted, lots happening, Eoin did a Triathlon last tuesday! what a legend, so proud of him! We were on tour with Noirin our mum and went and sang at a Bhuddist conference in Killarney, then straight up north to Lough Derg retreat centre where we rocked out AMEN style at a gig on the famous island (check out the trio with our mum at

Exciting times ahead too as s2s do a gig in the Lobby (now the Cruibin) in Cork on the 7th of June (anyone from cork reading?)

s2s gig in Listowel on the 17th June (any kerry dudes reading?)

gonna hang out with my mate Jasper O Connor early next week before he fecks off to south america to an orphanage to teach kids to play football, the universal language...because he certainly has no spanish! best of luck.

This morning too we performed at Galvone National school in Limerick city for loads of little dudes and dudettes. they loved the s2s vibes, two groups of about thirty kids of all ages, it was kinda like a fullsom prison as there were a load of teachers in the room too, i think they really enjoyed it too!

Thanks to Maureen (the principal!) and Kathleen Turner! (the music teacher extraordinaire!)

Have you bought the album yet?
Have a good one
Eoin & Moley

Note to Readers:

  • size2shoes have a set of tour dates. 8 tour dates are in the 'Shows' page with more on the way.
  • size2shoes' debut album is now available on the 'Music' page. You can listen to three full tracks on the MySpace. Live tracks from past media performances coming soon!