Moley's blog: Busier than bono!

[caption id="attachment_340" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="s2s with dave"]s2s with dave[/caption]

Size2shoes are workshopping some tunes with our friend and double bass player David Duffy this weekend, dave is from Waterford and he went to UCC with the Moleman where upon he taught him the ways of lovemaking.......joke (moley discovered the art shortly before he went to college)

There is an academic conference starting in UL too this weekend dedicated to Morrisey (singer with The Smiths) which we will check out too. Anybody interested in the area should check google the conference and feel free to attend the plethora of talks going on over the weekend, you may even spot the illusive s2s brothers with the duffman.

Great craic on Tubridy and great feedback too, thanks to all who ordered the album online! We gave a shout out to Bill Whelan on the radio show too and turns out he was listening! he dropped us a text saying fair play! Big up Bill, a fellow Limerick man of course:)

Im reading a book on Hip Hop pedagogy, Eoin's birthday went really well, we bought him a Venus fly trap, a pair of lambswool insoles, a swimming cap (a damn good one:) and a little car that one must build with a spanner and a screwdriver that has 105 little pieces. He dilligently assembled it flawlessly, it fits in the palm of his hand. Well done Eoin!

Gave a shout out to Limerick and Cork rappers too on the TubTub show and Cork rapper The Navigator got onto me on Bebo and is sending me his album, sound Navigator. The Navigator has a skill at being extremely controversial in his choice of Lyrics! Google him.

See ya at Dolans next Tuesday? or Whelans Thursday 30th?