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The Land of the Free!

So we jumped on a plane in Shannon at 12.30 and were strolling the streets of Boston at 6.30; just like jumping on a bus really; a hop over the pond;

We were going through customs at Shannon, where there are real American customs dudes stamping your papers and generally putting the shits up you with all the questions like, "so sir, what colour are your socks and what exactly will you be thinking of when you fly back from the US", when the lady who was taking my full 10 finger computer imprint and accompanying retina x-ray said, 'so sir, I saw you guys on the TV this morning'. Didn't know if this was a good thing or a bad one. Would she think that we were coming over here to earn loads of money and throw us in prison on a little island just off the coast of Cuba, or was she enamoured by our live straight to camera wit and dashing good looks... I mumbled something like, 'hmmm, ah, yeammm, thanx', then shuffled off to our gate.

Booking gigs all over the place at the moment; the tour is coming together nicely; if you havn't signed up to our mailing list, you'd better get in now!

Hope you're well, where-ever you are; just off to colapse into me bed in our little motel, if I can sleep after the sieziure inducing coffee they have over here!