Moley's blog: London and Boston!!

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Hey ho lads,
If anyone is in London reading this, Size2shoes are playing upstairs in Union Chapel, Islington on thursday 2nd July!

It may seem far away now but stick it in the diary. We just sold a couple of albums at a family gathering celebrating a distant cousin's 80th birthday! (never leave home without them!) we gave the birthday boy one free of course, the lucky duck.

CDBaby just gave us around 43 Euro too so fair play to all who have and will order the hard copy!

We are awaiting itunes accounts but we got some cool texts off people who have downloaded the album, we gave one to Jon Kenny, the local Limerick musician and comedian, and he really loved it - he was here in our gaf recording a song for a charity CD helping out Stuart Mangan, a guy i went to college with who had a bad accident playing rugby, big love to the boy.

Me and Eoin are off to Boston singing with our mom in the vocal trio AMEN on Wednesday so better wash my underwear etc or they wont let me through customs. Im off the drink for Lent, not that im a very pious mole or anything but its good to apply restraint every now and again! Im enjoying it, anyone else doing the Lent thing this year? its better than a new years resolution cos it only lasts 40 days! (...and 40 nights!)

We have more tour dates coming up around Ireland, we will keep you informed. The Late Late Show's music producer says that we are on a list of music groups that he wants to feature before the end of this years run, so if ya wanna email RTÉ then go for it, but we will have to just wait and see. Me and Eoin were working on a rap track at home here last night, he is the producer and Mole is the rapper, Eoin is a whizz on the programme GarageBand for the Mac! So we are double tracking the vocals and it is a lengthy process but we will finish it and post it up. Its about how old school message rap is better than the modern gangsta poser rap. Its harking back to the Daisy Age. know what i mean?

bloggy blog blog.
How are you?