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It’s a long time since I said it or even thought it, but parents can be a hindrance – especially when your parents are as notable as those of Eoin and Mícheál (Moley) Ó Súilleabháin. Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin snr, the pianist and composer, and singer Noirín Ní Riain have left a mark on their offspring but the brothers’ “inspirational acoustic pop music” strays far and wide of their elders. If any Irish reference could be cited for these light, breezy songs, embellished with colourful and inventive soundscapes, it would be Scullion, especially the songs of Sonny Condell. The brothers’ softly insistent guitar playing underpins all tracks, but the colours added by A-listers such as Brendan Power and Noel Eccles, plus the playing of the Carolan String Quartet and dad himself on piano, adds quality to these sometimes twee, always positive tunes of young love and friendship.

Rating: ****
Download tracks: Take It Easy, Respect the Man, Mirage

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