size2shoes blog: Happy Yule Dudes ;-)

[caption id="attachment_203" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Happy Yule!"]Happy Yule![/caption]

Hello again from Size2shoes. Our wacky and wonderful christmas world is up on us all!

We are printing up 2000 CD's of Size2shoes debut album in January, so we will need y'all to buy them if we are to achieve the intended goal of platinum sales across many territories. On Christmas day we play tennins with our mum Noirin and our cousins in Glenstal, might go to midnight mass tonight if we dont have too much christmas cake!

We wrapped all our presents in newspaper to save money and the environment!Try it next christmas!

We are gettin good feedback from a little apearance on TG4 about a week ago which was on a show called Imeall, though we havent seen it as we thre out our telly about 2 years ago- Try it next Christmas!

We got our hairs cut yesterday - Try it next Christmas!

Here is a link to a limerick rap/comedy act called the Rubberbandits, tis a tune called 'Up De Ra'
They are funny dudes, we wish them the best!

all the best, talk to ya in 2009:)
Moley & Eoiny