Eoin's blog: Dear Blog

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Dear Blog,

It's been awhile. I hope you haven't thought me rude, it's just that... I mean, it's not you, it's me.

So much has happened that last two weeks. What a blur. We had an amazing showcase at the Cobalt Cafe last Friday week. We met up with Julie Feeney the night before and went over this little Scots Gallic song. She also played us her new album. She recorded all the tracks with the Irish Chamber Orchestra in the rehearsal studios of the thier new building here at University of Limerick by the Shannon banks, but she recorded all the vocals herself and mixed it too. It sounds really really good. I think it's going to do really well for her. Critics will gush, but more importantly, people will like it. And the gigs will be amazing.

But enough about her; this blog is supposed to be about me; how size2shoes, from humble beginnings, set out, two brothers against the world, to achieve their childhood dream of going multi-platinum in many territories.

We flew out to Ukraine after Dublin to do a couple of gigs with our mum Noirin at a sacred music festival in Kiev. Great town, and we landed on our feet with the people we met over there. It was wonderful, and also always such a privilege to perform with herself. I also got some lyrics for a new song that I finished last night out of the experience. If you don't know what does check out www.theosony.com also web-mastered by the brilliant Robbiiii who looks after our site.

Then headed out to London town to see a brilliant play by a really good friend of mine. The theatre that commissioned it only has one stipulation - it had to completely in the dark. It was such a freaky experience to be sitting in a room full of people all listening in the dark to real actors! If you ever have the chance to see anything like...

So, just back on Monday, and now we're off again with Noirin to Waterford tomorrow to do a workshop and a gig on Friday night in the Cathedral there. I think that's Halloween night? Spooky shit.

Was up till four last working on a new song on the bauld computer. It's called "(there's gonna be a) Showdown"; cheesey I know, but you really have to hear it; t'would rock the balls off ya.

The first-draft of the artwork for the album should be with us by the end of this week. It's all happening.

And you have to check out the review that Barry Egan gave our showcase! It's unbelievable. He loved it!

Stay good.