Eoin's blog: Global Domination!!!

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Heady times ladies and gentlemen, heady times indeed. The brothers2shoes are slowly edging their way up the ladder to GLOBAL DOMINATION!!! But we'll let you be the judge of that.

Our first review has been printed, and The Irish Times, our dear nation's most reputable paper of record have generously afforded size2shoes the accolade of 4 stars our of 5. I know, I know, tough love their, but they have to maintain some level of credibility, and while they may have been simply gagging to award 5 stars to our debut album, we may have to wait for album two before they can fully expose their true feelings toward us. We also noted that U2's new album also got 4 stars on Friday, so Bono's probably saying the same thing in his blog right now.

If any of you good readers happen to in Dublin next Wednesday evening, Gay Byrne is hosting a little evening for size2shoes in the National Concert Hall in aid of the charity To Russia With Love. We will be having a few other guests performing throughout the evening, you can check the mole's blog for more info.

So, what next... well, it's media time. We're slowly trying to get the album reviewed in as many places as possible, and trying to line up that most illusive TV appearance. But all will be revealed.