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Newport has got talent ladies and gentlemen,

The brothers Ó Súilleabháin were appointed judges of the Newport talent competition this week, the winner...!

The Tulach Sheasta Ceili Band... I know it doesnt sound like the obvious winner but among the five judges they scored best! There was some great talent among the 14 finalists - some great solo acts; singing with backing tracks and stuff - all of them were had to be in secondary school -and all for a 1st prize of 1000 Euro! there was no second prize! And the Ceili band won it!

Being part of the judging panel on the night myself and Eoin felt the power of mock celebrity running through our veins and, let me tell you, it was exhilirating!... We did not throw ANY negative comments of the like you see on TV! We were very nice!

And our dad Prof. Micheal O Suilleabhain was one of the five judge panel. We were joined by Imogen Gunner (trad fiddle) and Michelle McMahon (103 Spin Southwest). The girls recieved flowers in thanks for offering their services to this Newport fundraising event. Neither ourselves(size2shoes) or Prof. Micheal Ó Súilleabháin recieved anything which is ok cos we dont like flowers... :(

Just messing. It was a great night! Well done Tulach Sheasta Ceili Band!
The Size2shoes albums are arriving soon, shall we mark you down for one?

Post a reply if so :-)

Happy new year?
Moley & Eoiny