Eoin's Blog: TG4 to Belltable Sessions

[caption id="attachment_189" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="TG4 to Belltable Sessions"]TG4 to Belltable Sessions[/caption]

So much to blog, so little time.

Just saw our norries on TG4 [that's our Irish language tellybox station, for those of you reading from abroad] recorded live before our gigs in the Ark Kids' Theatre. And don't worry if you missed it. You can watch it all again this Sunday at 7pm. That was the first time I saw S2S on the telly, and believe me, it's like the first time you ever heard your own voice recorded - shocking! But how bad; onward and upward; no publicity's bad publicity; or all publicity's good publicity; which is all very well until Moley gets caught doing something lewd in a public toilet with a plain clothes Bean Garda.

And we've finally singed off on the artwork for the album! As you can see from the website, our every-ready, multi-talented, sweet-voiced 'sysop' [that's short for 'system-operator', for those of you unaquainted with geek-speak] Robbi has already mixed in the artwork vibe already. I think it looks peachy :) And also check out mairead.ie which Robbi just designed aswell for Altan Legend Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh. He's a smooth operator.

And I just learned that it takes up to 5 weeks for an album to get put up on itunes, so it's a good thing that we had planned not to release it for the Christmas Market - self music publishers be warned.

A couple of amazing little gigs to report on too. Last Sunday night was the last in this year's series of The Belltable Sessions - myspace.com/thebelltablesessions - brainchild of Jules Holland of the Limerick Music Scene, Nick Carswell - electiverecords.blogspot.com/ - the little legend. His idea for the Sessions are to get four acts each night to do a 25 minute set, but it has to be totally acoustic, as in no mics, no amps, no PA. Just the real thing. It makes such a difference, to sit there and just listen to the pure, live sound. Totally magic. More intense and fine than the best sound system money can buy. And the standard was very high too. Quite nerve-racking to be playing to an audience of such cultivated peers, but I think we pulled it off. Will put a clip of it up on the website for ya.