Size2shoes Blog: Bloggymaloe

Hey peeps,

Had a pretty cheesy weekend down in East Cork at Ballymaloe house. Size2 were rocking out in the second half of one of the professors (our dad's) gigs which was to officially open a great new theatre that they have opened there called The Grain Store.

Met a great guitar player called Fankie Lane, a real ninja, and we all rocked out on the tune 'Ghost Riders in the sky' as the last tune to a capacity 350 people! I know, you had to be there!
[caption id="attachment_170" align="alignleft" width="216" caption=""][/caption]Size2shoes are playing in the Ark childrens theatre, again alongside the nutty professor & Mel Mercier next weekend, two matinee shows on saturday and another 2 on Sunday, if your around Dublin this weekend these are really great afternoon gigs to check out. The website is

Dont know how much the tickets are but they wont be expensive.

We got the cover designed for the looks Wacky and good, which is what we wanted, we didnt want to put our norries on the front of the album like, so we got this cool photo of these baby shoes..which are ridiculously cute!

Hope your weekend was good!
Moley & Eoin