Moley's Blog: Report to size2shoes

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Chilled with the Madso this weekend, Eoin is training for his triathlon, Moley and Eoin wrote a song for a certain philanthropist in a country & western style....

Madso said the Cobalt cafe gig a couple of weeks was the best thing hed ever seen and that we stepped it up a gear.  Good man Madso, we will keep him around!

We love sycophants here at size2shoes as we try to straddle the global music market in our quest for high sales in many territories.

We are having a lads night in in our gaf in Newport, Co. Tipperary.
Why dont you send us something surprising and interesting in the post?

Anything will do, we will report what we recieve:)

All senders of any kind will recieve free entry to any gig they wish that is posted on the website in future!

Hope your weekend was cool.

Love from Limerick.