Eoin's Blog: The Vampwolf of Blogsalvania

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I never seem to sleep well around full-moon time.  But the mornings aren't so bad because I seem to have more energy around then anyway.  And the moon was hanging low and red in the sky this evening as I walked into St. Mary's Cathedral on Kings Island to see the National Chamber Choir sing a crazy contemporary set in the mind-blowing 12th century building.  I was accompanied by a gorgeous bright-faced blond nurse Carolyn, who recently has taken up pole-dancing as a fitness pursuit, so she would insist with a smirk.  She told me that she had thought she lost her friends pet ferret, Stinky, in a park in Limerick earlier in the day.  They found him though, in a hole under a rock.  I suppose a ferret is as ferret does.

Gig was brilliant though.  Extended vocal techniques ala John Cage, Philip Glass et al.  Lots of counting and alphabet spelling.  Courageous program, but when they get going there's a great tone of them.  Small crowd, but full of Limerick culture-vultures.  After the gig sat out by where the Abbey river meets the Shannon outside the Locke bar with two of Limerick's artistic dynamo-luminaries Aine O Dwyer and Miriam Lohan.  We arranged to check out a ancient scared site in East Limerick on Sunday where the farmer who owns it claims that the goddess Tara is buried there.  One story is that the Ark of the Covenant is also buried where Tara's body lies.  The Land of Milk and Honey down here it is.

Had a great meeting with the Living for the City crew last night.  a whole bunch of bright young Limerick's finest have rallied around the vision of style-guru Nial Colgan to show to the world how a group of passionate people can change the image of their city.  We're going to raise 250k for the Limerick Youth Service by May of next year.  There will be a whole series of high-profile events, culminating in 24 of us doing a triathlon at the University.  The first event is going to be a gig at Dolan's Warehouse with some huge headliners. Me and Moleman have secure our place in teh spotlight that night, and very chuffed to be asked too, but we're being told that our music and our vibe is the image that Limerick needs to send out.  Rock on, we say.  The media launch in October sometime.  The website is www.livingforthecity.eu . And, if you haven't spotted it, the name of the project is taken from the classic Stevie Wonder tune.  The idea is to have him play
at Thomand Park in summer 2010.

Me and the bro have a curious radio gig on Friday  night on the Irish station Radio na Life.  We should be on around 7 to play a good few tunes and turn the cupla focal.  Bí ag éisteacht!  Almost as nervous about speaking Irish as I am about doing stand-up comedy.

Also, we're gearing up for a classly little show-case gig in Dublin mid-October in a secret, yet to be dislosed location.  We're putting it all together now over the next few days.  We want to have some specail guests to join us for a few tunes, and it's a really cute small venue, and we're going to have a really good sound man with us too.  Could be nice :)

Better stick on the electric blanket now in the auld coffin.  Will sleep the sleep of the just.