Moley's Blog: Tell me I'm the only one Barry

Well lads, hows it going?

Me and Eoin were in Kiev, Ukraine, for the last week, back into the swing of things now. Had an amazing time in Kiev singing with Noirin and had a great gig last wednesday.

You may have seen the article in last Sunday's Sindo after our Size2shoes gig in the Cobalt Cafe, which also went down real well. The review said that Size2shoes is kinda like Steely Dan (So young...tell me im the only one Barry...) or that me and Eoin are like a modern day keith richards and mick Jagger except without the drugs! I have often marvelled at the on stage chemistry of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards as they jiggle their wrinkly bits around the stadia of the fine...not so young...

A good review all the same, Julie Feeney sang with us at the same gig, she is some cool dude,we did a great song together, a little scots gallic number, really enjoyed hangin out with her, met lots of interesting people at the Cobalt cafe for Dr. Paul Burkes going away do, we will miss you!

Next Size2shoes gig is December 7th in the Belltable arts centre, Luimneach.
Fully acoustic show, no mics or amps in a tiny little venue downstairs, will be magic!
How are you?
Your looking well:)