Eoin's Blog: So much to write up on!

So much to write up on; recently I've shied away from the blog because of it; but here's a brief outline.

[caption id="attachment_144" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="The Secret Venue..."]The Secret Venue...[/caption]

Last Saturday I went to see the Blizzards play in Dolans. Picked up a friend who had seen Munster play in their newly kitted out hyper-stadium and we zoomed down to Dolan's on the Docks in the lashing rain. It was about 10 before we got there, rushed in having run through the rain, knowing that we'd be lucky to get in having heard that there was a sign out for the last week saying all the Blizzards were sold out. Got to the door and recognised the girl at the ticket desk. Have had many a funny encounter with her trying to blag into gigs for half concession prices, always arriving half-way through the gig I always thought this to be reasonable. Anyway, she said she had two tickets returned there for us; score; but just then one of the bouncers comes over all stern faced, 'Sorry there, can't allow you in that tracksuit. It's the one rule we have on dress code and we break it.' 'What? You can't be serious. I've been here a million times. The band has just taken to the stage. I've just bought the tickets.' Then I got the brain wave of asking if they had any ban on wearing shorts while pulling my tracksuit down around my ankles. 'I live in Newport, I can't just head out and change clothes'. The bouncer changed expression, said to wait a minute, then came back and asked where I drank in Newport. I told him O Sulivans, so he told me to leave a pint behind the bar for him, and ushered us in. The drama!

Anyway, at the gig I met an old rugby friend of Bressy, the lead singer. Bressy was going to stay down in Limerick for the night and he siadwe should hang out, so I thought game-on. I'd met Bressy in UCD in 2001 when we were playing down in the Student Union bar. Had also bumped into him at an IMRO showcase thing he was at last year and had given him a demo of our current size2shoes album. So we rocked out at the gig. It was absolutely jammed. They were savage. If pop-rock were a British feild sport, then the Blizzards would be in its Premiership and be backed by a Russian Oligarchic Megalomaniac. Their shit is so tight! These guys need to be seen with an audience of at least 10,000 to be really appreciated. After we went up to the band room. Hung out with the man himself for the night. Really sound dude. Also got talking with the lead guitariest. Very interesting Londoner who had been living in Mulingar for the last 8 years. The Blizzards are a bit like a Mulingar Mafia on the road. Bressy straight away remembered the demo we had given him and he loved it. Said that what we had was what every singer wants and that's a unique sounding voice. He offered for us to open up for a couple of under-age gigs they're planning on doing in November. That should be a circus.

So we've been polishing up our act for a showcase gig in a secret undisclosed venue in Dublin City on Friday night. And something unbelieveable has happened. Somehow, Julie Feeney is going to be our guest on the night and we're going to sing a few songs with her! And if you don't know who Julie Feeney is, then you have a wonderful time ahead of you. www.juliefeeney.com say no more. We really wanted Bressy to come along, but he's playing the Roisin Dubh that night.

If you want to know where the gig's at then check this website at 8pm on Friday. It's in a very small venue, and we've got a really good sound engineer working with us, so it's going to sound realll sweet :) Here's a clue - CoAl2O4