Moley's Blog: Awakening My Manhood!

[caption id="attachment_138" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Dzogchen Beara"]Dzogchen Beara[/caption]

Hey dudes,

I spent some time last week in a wonderful spot called Dzogchen Beara, a little Buddhist retreat centre on the cliffs of west cork. Swimming in the sea in Allihies with the cold Atlantic waters awakening my manhood like only cold water can do... fancy recharging your batteries in a great social and spiritual spot?? Comes highly recommended from Size2shoes, here is the link:

I wrote a song yesterday. Its called 'My To Do List', here's a verse or two...

I suppose its not surprising,
Life doesn't like things organised,
I'm hypnotised by all that passes by,
So much to do yet so little time,
So i number my tasks 1,2,3
Stick this piece of paper in my diary,
Then i go about my daily rounds,
Life is easy when i write things down in my

To do,To do,To do,To do,To do,To do,To do,To do,To do,To do,To do,To do, my To do list!!

Its a funky little number, and the bob marley tune 'Easy Skanking' & the tune 'Easy like sunday morning' work over the chords of it:)

Watching Bobby Mc Ferrin on youtube all the time too. Here is a link to one of my favourites. if you didnt click on the Buddhist retreat centre link this one will probably be more your style:)

Be good!