Moley's Blog: Buddha Mole


[caption id="attachment_133" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Three of the Jackson Four!"]Three of the Jackson Four![/caption]

Heading to a little Buddhist retreat centre in west Cork tomorrow to hang out for a couple of days! Ill be chanting muthafucking Ommm and all that. Heading down there with a friend from Blanchardstown called Jenny Hannon, she is the perfect partner for a bitta buddhism! She is taking her puppy to puppy socialisation classes tonight up in best of luck with that Jenny!!:)

Ive been sick for the last few days. A sweaty and stuffy existence which is definitely an obstacle to our goal here at size2shoes, which is to make platinum sales in many territories and to define a generation through our unique brand of New Wave Acoustic Irish Pop Music.

Went to Eoin's Glenstal 10 year reunion which was great, some really cool lads in that year, the men of '98, Eoin and me wrote a song to the tune of Whiskey in the Jar that singled out and humiliated people for the amusement of the group at large, which went down really well, A lot of drinking was done by the men of '98 that night, i kept my shit together quite nicely got to bed around four, you would have been proud:)

Watched a movie called 'The Holy Mountain' the other night, its a 1970's arthouse flic complete with no story line to speak of and a little dwarf man with no arms or legs....obviously i knew the film was the real deal when the little dwarf guy was rolled out. There is not a psychadelic arthouse cinema film worth its salt without a freaky looking little dwarf, but you knew that already.

Interesting gig on the 20th/21st of December in the Arc childrens theatre in Temple bar in Dublin. We are guesting with Micheal O Suilleabhain & Mel Mercier for two shows on each of these dates to do a special family christmas show! we still have to come up with a concept, but its usually a very whacky show when size2shoes and the two lads (Mick & Mel) get together:) We will post details of the gig asap.

Will keep you informed of the progress of this gig, highly recommend you check it out!

We are off to the Ukraine also in a week or so, to sing with our other familial musical outfit - A.M.E.N - this is the trio that me and eoin sing in with our mum Noirin. Check out if you wish;)

Our family is kinda like the Irish version of 'The Jackson 5'....except there is only four of us....and we're not as famous as them....

How are you today?