Eoin's Blog: Like Brushing My Teeth

[caption id="attachment_130" align="alignleft" width="297" caption="Second nature!"]Second nature![/caption]

It's been too long little old blog.  I've realised that blogging, if it is to be successful, must become like brushing my teeth.  In  a perfect world, if I really had the choice, I wouldn't brush my teeth all the time.  some nights, I just want to jump straight into bed.  But then I don't.  I calmly and maturely saunter told my wash-basin and shove the brush round my mouth like the dutiful tooth-owner that I am.  It is not the most riveting experience inn the world.  It's actually quite boring.  But I do it anyway, like a reflex, and it doesn't bother me.  I don't even think about it. It's like putting on a seat-belt.  It's second nature.  So do I wish that my blogging could become, because after all that bitching, I love when my teeth are clean; it's vital for me to ware a belt in case of an accident, and this blog focuses me on having to do something everyday to get a step closer to multi-platinum sales across many territories.

I had my school ten year reunion on Saturday night in the beautiful town Kinsale.  All these really old Georgian buildings around hills overlooking the bay.  If Dickens ever wrote about a seaside town, it would look like Kinsale.  And the amount of flash yachts jammed into every inch of marina was astonishing.  I pledged to myself again, that one day I will sail around the world on a boat that I've constructed myself, but that story's for another time.

So, how’s the music career going.  We met with our PR Spin-Doctor Uber-Guru Ellen Byrne on Wednesday last.  You should hear her ideas on what we should be doing to grad headlines and make some news.  One idea she had was to do a gig in Canada, then pay some gawky young fella to run on stage and push me over and then send the video of it to TG4 and TV3 -  (only joking Noel, I believe you, really.) -  But she did say that we need to get our showcase gig reviewed.  It's in a very secret location, only 60 seats, but we'll release the venue on the day on the website.  Ellie was saying that we can use any reviews on PR we will put together for the forthcoming tour in the New Year.

And then we get an email Mole and me just yesterday.  A guy we played a few tunes for, who was managing the jazz band that played at the wedding in England we sang at, well, he emailed looking what it would cost to get the two of us over to do a gig in South London, and how quickly could we come over.  He also copied us on an email he sent to a corporate event agency who book arts acts, introducing us as "very funny and certainly different".  Not bad Jon, not bad.  Looks like we're off to London baby, yeah!

So, did I tell you about the Christy Moore story already?  We've another really funny one about Russell Crowe if you're interested.