Moley's Blog: Raidio na life & The arc of the covenant


What a weekend we just had! On Friday evening a swift in and out hit and run interview on the Irish language radio station Radio Na Life began our weekend. At the behest of a radio presenter Barry Lysaght we travelled and played tunes on air live, and talked in Pigeon Irish for a full hour! Miracles happen....believe it sham. That went very well, even our father said that we just about pulled it off - and he is a gaeilgeoir!

Saturday was spent partly reading a biography of the nineteenth century composer Thomas Moore, an Irish poet, musician and satirist. A brilliantly written book called 'The Bard of Erin' which, The painstaking detail of the book with its almost effortless readability is telling of how much responsibility a biographer has, i wouldnt like to be the one writing my biography! But i suppose these blogs will help that poor soul:) hah!

[caption id="attachment_122" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Inauguration Mound - Carnahalla"]Inauguration Mound - Carnahalla[/caption]

Sunday we visited the site of an ancient city near Doon in Co. Limerick, discovered only ten years ago and oopened to the public only this year this place is just as, if not more significant as the hill of Tara - its called Carnahalla, and it is a seventy acre endcosure with a large mound and manmade lake. Definitely worth a visit for all you vibe surfers out there. A magical place, we went with a gaggle of our friends and then had a hooley in Noirin's place in Glenstal after. Some mighty craic....

Though the main reason for our expedition yesterday was to mark the end of Daniel Vais's Limerick experience. He is off to London having truly changed perceptions of the people he is leaving behind in Limerick....clicketty click daniel, on to the next gig! You goofy bastard....rock on.

So to you the reader may the sun shine brightly on you this week, going for a run with my brother and my cuzzin Kate this evening. Was painting a spare room in Dromore today, i am an excellent painter........and i have a little machine that pumps out steam to take the wallpaper off walls! if you need your wallpaper taken down at a good price just leave a message on this blog.

If i leave the steam machine on for a while too it fills the room with steam and its like a relaxing steam room! Lets get naked!

Be well:)