Moley's Blog: Special Times Ahead

[caption id="attachment_58" align="alignleft" width="173" caption="Moley O Súilleabháin"]Moley O Súilleabháin[/caption]

Welcome to the cyber life and times of Moley and Eoin O Súilleabháin - exclusive to, where no detail no matter how revelatory or mundane shall go without due analysis or description. What special times we have ahead! For you may be about to bear witness to a meteoric rise from obscurity of two singing brothers to the Irish national consciousness, in our own words. Congratulations on finding this little piece of blog gold as you shall be regaled with stories scandal from the inner workings of the musical juggernaut that is 'size2shoes'.

Today just got back from Dublin where i attended a funeral, a huge congregation and an austere occasion. Me and Eoin are heading to England this friday to sing, as part of a small choir, at a wedding in Wiltshire in England! Im also attending the Limerick social welfare office tomorrow to see if i can sign on for a weekly stipend that i hope will see me through the next year. A year which will give rise to a new force in the Irish music industry - size2shoes...!

If you are reading this you are indeed a lucky and perceptive cyber dude ('dude' can be both male and female by the way). I will let you know how the wedding in England and my debut dole office experiment goes, wish me luck!

Dont be afraid to let me know you are there by leaving a comment.

Be cool.
Moley O Súilleabháin