Eoin's Blog: The Great Blue Yonder

[caption id="attachment_108" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="The Great Blue Yonder"]The Great Blue Yonder[/caption]2 days to go before total ego destruction at the Roisin Dubh - our comedic debut. We're the opening act for the opening act of the opening act. In this business, you gotta start your way from the bottom up. Nobody's gonna do you any favours in this town kid. The only college degrees that cut any mustard round here are issued from the School of Hard Knocks. So off we go, into the great blue yonder, over the top, hold onto you wigs, bodda-bing bodda-boom, onto the next gig.

I'm going into PC World tomorrow to buy the cheapest video camera I can find to record the thing and then we're going to put it up on the website, just to really finish off the job.

On another tack, my first batch of new students came into school today. I sat around a table of 12 people from 12 different countries, Sri Lanka, Congo, Russia, Latvia, Kenya, Iran - business as unusual at the Limerick City VEC Adult Education College.

And training starts this week for a little Triathlon I've signed up to do with 20 other bright young things to fund raise for the Limerick Youth Service. We're going to raise 250k over the first 6 months next year under the banner of new group called Living For The City (of Stevie Wonder song fame). Ended up sitting beside Christy Moore at a gig there a couple of weeks ago and was telling him about it. He said to send him a copy of our debut album and that he'd sponsor me for the LFTC Triathlon. So, my first sponsor is Christy. Not a bad start. Really funny story about how I met him, but will tell that to you later. Have to go to bed now and get up in four hours time to go to a funeral of a total Limerick City legend, Brenda McKenna, who has left a huge mark on Adult Ed in Limerick City. Her work will live on.

Not sure how all this Triatha-training's going to work out. There's been talk of 6am swimming sessions. But we'll keep you blogged.

Sun :)