Moley's Blog: A Jolly Time of It

[caption id="attachment_104" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="The Wiltshire White Horse"]The Wiltshire White Horse[/caption]Me and Eoin had the pleasure of singing at a wedding on saturday near Wilkshire in England. We were part of a small early music choir from Cork, we do a bit of classical vocal stuff on the side! It was the wedding of an architect who was purported to have worked on London city's landmark 'Gherkin' building, we sang at the afters also which was in his house which was a large one story building in the shape of a crescent moon. It was pretty minimalist...dont ya know!

We were ably directed by Ian Sexton, a great choir director and organ scholar who is "fond of a few ales" when he is in his home country of BritLand.

We all had a jolly time of it, singing and laughing all the way, Eoin drove the van that we travelled in and was called a 'wanker' by a passing driver on a narrow English was unwarranted i assure you, he had his hands nowhere near his genitals. The vicar at the wedding, for it was a protestant service, bore more resemblance to a stand up comedian than a messenger of god but he did the trick for our architect friend.

My Dole meeting was bearable and i must submit an informal set of accounts to the social welfare office so that they can determine my income from self employed jobs such as gigs/workshops/drug deals etc. (Joke?)

Only 2 days until Size2shoes comedy gig in the Roisin dubh on wednesday 10th september 2008! We are going to bomb hard!
Wish us luck and thanks for reading.