Eoin's Blog: Ordinary Extraordinary Day

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'Another ordinary extraordinary day', as our good family friend Forbees, with his lovely-faced dog Bede, would say, quoting the late great author John McGahern.

We've had a constant stream of emails with our funky web designer Robbi McMillen. He's a gem - a techie, a creative, a muso, a singer; the full package. We've been wrecking his head making tiny little tweaks on the size2shoes logo; "the two's a little bubbly', 'the font's a little angry', 'a bit too Nu-Metal', 'a bit more urban-cool'. We must be the classic web designer's nightmare. The type they must make jokes about and laugh at at all the web designing conferences they go to in Silicon Valley.

Against this back drop, me and bro are singing at the wedding of the daughter of Britain's 5th most wealthy gentlemen. Put that in your pipe. We're singing with these three other savage singers loads of old Proddy English hymns. Givin' it loads, lovin' the music. We're going under the name The Clerk's Coral, shepherded by Cork Choral Legend Ian Sexton. He's a asked us to sing with him before, especially the bro. They do this class gig of Early Classical Madrigals and Englishy stuff. Really sweet gig. Ian gets the invites to little festival and throws together an Early Music ensemble of Ireland's brightest and finest young stars in the scene. Moley is probably one of about 10 singers in the country making any kind of money singing that stuff. Wonderful privilege to be part of it all.

Anyway, I'll give a full report of our antics at the wedding on Saturday. I'm on the look out for the daughter of the 4th richest man in England. If I'm going to find her anywhere, there's a high chance that she'll be there in Wiltshire this weekend.

Went to the final performance of the masters students in Music Technology at the University of Limerick this evening. Full surround sound system set up around an audience of about 100. Trippy stuff indeed; you don't hear the type of noises they were making everyday. One of the students started talking about his piece using Sin Waves and psycho-acoustic phenomenon! That'd broaden your norry.

Also, check this out, www.darkjolt.com/id A friend of mine just finished the sister course of that MusTech masters in Interactive Media, and he came up with this little gem of project; rock on Derrick Howard!

And then over to the other side of the campus to see Fred (the band) from Cork play at Freshers Week. They finished very early, so I missed them, but headed round back to hang out with the guys. That sounds pretty rock and roll, but let me explain. I grew up as a little kid with the drummer of Fred, the dashing Justin O Mahony. He and NYC based singer/songwriter Niall Connoly and meself all came out of one little small estate in Glanmire in Cork called Meadowbrook, the prettiest sounding name of any estate I've ever heard. So when Fred are ever in Limerick, I have to clock Justin's coupon. That and also the fact that they could probably be my favorite young Irish band on the scene at the moment, and most certainly the best stage-craft of any band on the go. They just burst out rays of good vibes like a water cannon into the crowd. They really engage and perform. The show is for the Audience. The Audience are a member of the band and me and Moley instantly recognised this genius in them. So, if you haven't seen them live...