Eoin's Blog: Here's The Scenario

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Eoin O Súilleabháin"]Eoin O Súilleabháin[/caption]

This is the first entry that I'm making in what is to be the blog of the rest of my life.

Here's the scenario:

Me and my brother are launching our career as singer/songwriters. Having spent the last two years writing, rehearsing, performing and recording, we finally finished our first recording three weeks ago. The last two years have seen all our efforts focused in our concentrating all of our musical ability down to one little shiny disc with the words "Master Copy" on it. Now, from that little shiny disc, we have to work through an alien terrain of skill sets that we hoped would seem much more familiar once the time came. Now, we are embarking into the great unknown frontier of The Industry.

The thing about making your own music is that the world that it happens in is quite a small one really. It comes down to you in your bedroom, scraping on a page and gurgling our little strangled phrases of melodies, eventually ending up with disjointed bits of ideas everywhere on creased pieces of paper. One has to be picked on, or two maybe, and you've got to live with that little idea for while. This could be for 30 minutes, or for 30 days, but in the end a song has either flowed out of your fingers and mouth, or else you've had to beat your brains out with hammer until the final form is fashioned. Usually songs that come about in the way of the former are the better, but not always. Then there's the demo stage. That's all fine, but again will take about two intense late night sessions. Then it's onto the next song, and it all happens all over again. And that's only the start of it.

I haven't yet really asked myself the question, 'why should I put myself through all this hassle?". Maybe some of the answer might become more apparent to the reader over the next few weeks/months/years. Maybe this blog will be like my psychotherapy session with the universe as counsellor. Who knows what kind of feedback it might attract?

Today, me and my bro drove my dad and a friend of his up to Dublin to the funeral of my uncle in law. He was a GP. A healthy and fit man. Great sailor. There must have been over 800 there in Monkstown this morning. We met our cousin outside the packed church and decided that we'd go for a coffee. It was here, sitting outside a little coffee shop in the affluent, leafy suburb of deep South Dublin, that she commanded us to start a blog.

We were always very sceptical of blogs for some reason. My bro especially so. Not sure why really. In the same way as I'm not sure why he hates Elvis so much. So, we swore there and then to have our first blog entry by this evening. And here it is.

I want to see the two of us do up a blog on our trials and tribulations of climbing up the ladder of, or getting totally annihilated by, the popular music industry. The difference with this blog being that you'll be getting two simultaneous perspectives on the same journey.

This is going to be the start of a very special relationship. I can feel it in me waters.

Take It Easy,