s2s blog: Big shout out from Newfoundland!

Big Shout Out to all the Size2shoes Massive!!!!

We're writing here from Newfoundland, a hefty island off the North-east of Canada - and this place is like a young cousin of Ireland - everyone here speaks in an Irish accent. I don't know how to convey the strangeness of this, but it's true. This place is like an Irish colony! More Irish than the Irish themselves perhaps.

We're over here experiencing the privilege of working with one of Canada's musical heros, Mr. Alan Doyle, from the Fold Rock Sensation that is Great Big Sea. If you're into rip-tight vocals, driving rhythms and having and all round good time, I dare you to check out their website and not feel a smile creep across your face. (http://www.greatbigsea.com/)

And for the last three days we've gotten a pain in our face from laughing with Alan; and from all the singing that we've been doing with him. He a machine in the studio!!! And we can't believe our luck to be able to work with him. So stay tuned for an upload to this website of something real soon...

Tomorrow night we slay the audience of the Newfoundland Folk Festival here in the park in St John's. We got bumped up to the prime slot of 8pm Saturday night, so big shout out to Shelly Chase and Bob Hallet for shooting us up the bill - you rock!!! (www.garrisonhillentertainment.com)

So, till soon - we're off now to check out the Geological Museum here in NFL. Seemingly the island is the epicenter of no less than three tectonic plates! now put that in your pipe and smoke it ;)

God Bless

eoin & moley