s2s blog: BIG SHOUT OUT!!!!

...to all the Size2 fans who came to see us open up for The Coronas (www.thecoronas.net) at the UCD Valentine's Ball last night. We were delighted to be asked back by Ents Officer Mike Pat and all the trendy Ents Crew after doing the Freshers' Ball last year. Believe it or not, these are the only student gigs we've ever done, and we loved them!!! Singing the Teddy Bears Picnic to a hall packed with dancing students is quite an experience :)

The Coronas were excellent too. Tight band, strong melodies, great vocals.

Now we're packing our bags for our world tour of San Francisco. We'll be keeping you updated with all the juicy Size2 gossip State-side, for here at S2S we believe that what goes on tour, goes on the blog!!!

Lots of community action these times too. Last week we were the proud 'celebrity judges' for The N-Factor: Has Newport Got Talent? And we can say with a resounding Yea! that it most certainly has. Keep an eye out for hard-house dancing diva Tamara McNamara this Saturday, or the host of excellent Irish Trad bands, or Newport's best kept secret, the Slam-Poet Seanachaí (that's Irish for story teller) and loads more acts. Unfortunately we'll be doing our gig in San Fran that night :(

And tomorrow we're doing back to back workshops for the kids at the Murroe4U Community Expo 2010. It's just non-stop! How are we going to find time to finish off these demos?!?!?

Oh, we premiered a new song last night at the Ball. It's call 'Woke Up From A Deep Sleep' which feature a five minute 'rock-out' with the whole crowd singing along... this is a good sign.

Rock On!