s2s blog: hilarious consequences.

So, what exactly have Size2shoes been up doing with themselves these days?

Well, we've been doing a lot of workshops in schools around the country.  This has proven to have hilarious consequences.  From small halls packed with screaming convent girls, to cups of milky tea in staff rooms - rock and roll!

Currnetly writing to you from this cool little gaf in Belgium (http://www.rosario.be/rosario.html) where we're doing an interesting little gig with our mom. We just saw an Orthodox Russian Choir here who blew our faces off! There called "Sveltillen". Nice.

Me and Moley spent last week woodshedding in our cousins holiday home in Lehinch on the storm tossed West Coast of Ireland - word up to Connor and hie Crew!  Writing some sweet new tunes and experimenting with all kinds of new recording techniques.

Speaking of which I was in Turkey last week and bought a Saz man! Here's me doing a little expo of exactly what the Saz can do!!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pt3K0baKWAg) Watch out for this in future Size2 gigs :) Big love out to all the Giresun posse that I met and looked after me over there.  Turkey for the EU - Let's Roll!!!!!

Keep on rocking in the free world peeps.