s2s blog: The sunday sun goes down on SF bay...

Hello World,
Good tidings from the land of Size2shoes. We have suceeded in keeping ourseles rather busy thankfully what with demoing tunes for our second album and a sneaky trip to san Francisco last week! Big love to Tom Bachelder and his family for making our San Francisco experience such a rapid experience :) A momentous occasion indeed as this was s2s U.S west coast debut!

We are demoing tunes for our second album everybody! We are very happy with the tunes that are emerging, we hope to sneak peak a few just for you in the coming months :) Moley has several rap verses on some of the tunes and Eoin has written some seriously epic tunes that rock out deep, and hard ;) Arrangements for the second album are being made as we speak, and things look rather promising you will be glad to hear.

Gigs coming up include recording two tracks for BBC Northern Ireland TV, so we hopefully will be posting that link of our lovely faces soon after, our BBC debut! I suppose it will be no time till it is summer time again as the Daffodil's are fit to burst forth and all the wonders of nature will open for business, we will be ready...will you?! We played at the UCD Valentines ball a while back too, which was simply wonderful to see the best and brightest of the Ents krew in action. Word up!

We are playing at a Haiti fundraiser in The Helix on March 6th, please do come along to witness a host of celeb's appear alongside the shoes (including Brendan Gleeson!) Book online below dahlings!


Eoin & Moley