s2s blog: murroe, expo and san francisco

2010 is here!... Finally!

And Size2shoes have bunkered down to record a whole bunch of demo tracks for the new album.  So far there are 18 songs in the can, all recorded with just one guitar and two voices.  Perfect fodder for a Size2shoes Christmas box-set in a few years time...

Till then though, we've decided that we want the next few months, before the hectic summer festival season, to take our music to the people! We've put together a series of workshops, in song-writing, rapping, beat boxing, jamming, that we're taking on the road.  There are a whole bunch of Arts Officers in the country who are right at the heart of music communities, and over the next few weeks we're contacting them all to offer our services.

We've already done a bunch of workshops for kids, and my favorite one was at a Seniors' home in London last summer.  That was hilarious.  The brilliant thing about playing for kids or old-folks is that, if you're shite, they'll just stand up and walk off, right in the middle of song.  So, it's makes you get your act really tight.  And I'm pleased to say that, after a rousing rendition by Moley of that My Fair Lady classic 'I Have Often Walked Down These Streets Before', we had them all gyrating to Van Morrison's Brown Eyed Girl.  Ah, it brings a tear to my eye!

Some of the community events we're doing already are going to be really cool.  We can't wait for Murroe4U, or local village's Community Expo!

Then there's Youghal (pronounced [y'all] as in, 'Hey, y'all', for those of us from abroad) Transition Year Rock Out, and local choir jam session, who'll guest at our gig that night. Mayhem!

And then...a birthday party in San Fransisco baby! Yeah! Moley is looking for suggestions as to what flower he's going to wear.

Shine On Ye Crazy Diamonds,