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Hey dudes,

The brothers Size2shoes had a quality Christmas kickin Shannonside for the holidays. Eventful indeed. Eoin brought over his beautiful new girlfriend from New York for a week and, to celebrate, we had a massive house party. We have heard from reputable sources that is was indeed 'massive'.

So happy New Year to you all and it is time to tighten our belts and again raise our post christmas double chins and greet our destiny. For size2shoes all eyes are on recording our second album, we are demoing at home at the mo with some considerable success. We think you guys are really gonna like the new album, its got some quality hooks! We may give you a sneak peak at some clips of us in the studio at home in the months to come (there is some pretty funny banter going on too, holy god!).
Size2shoes are heading to San Francisco to do a gig in February too! More about that in our next blog :)
Have a good one ;)