S2S blog: Slankets!

Hey all, Size2shoes were on Mark & Catriona's Breakfast show on Limerick's Live 95FM this morning so we have officially made it in our home town, which is exceedingly Daycent. Also thanks to The Arts Show for having us on and being so nice, great feedback. s2s also broke the record for the Live 95FM Breakfast Biggie, which is a test of strength and vocal skills, we will let you know when we get the recording, pretty epic clip. Whats ahead? The second homecoming in the Belltable next Friday 11th, get in, Moley has a 4 foot Party Popper that is gonna explode all over the place. This last sentence is to be taken literally and is not to be taken up the wrong way....serously fun times, if you havent seen size2shoes in a while then get to this one, its the last gig of the summer :) How are you? Whatcha getting for Christmas? Our tip: Check out 'Slankets', they are blankets with sleeves! xx S2S