s2s blog: Tired little teddy bears

Cool Yule Dudes,
So size2shoes rocked the Belltable Arts Centre, Limerick city few nights ago, word to all who turned out on what was a hectic night in Fab city, Christmas mania has gripped the town! Parents and children fighting over the last Dora lunch boxes and three foot long party poppers! Madness.

So size2shoes bunker down for the holiday season as there are no more gigs planned in 2009 :( But 2010 and its ensuing decade ('The Teenies') will no doubt hold much for us to write home to you about! You can guarantee there will be much more rocking out, beatboxing, vibing, rapping, shouting, and namedropping in the year to come so its good to have you on board :) !

Will these two brothers from the wilds of Tipperary really make the big time? or will they fall by the way side and prove no more than a forgotten brothers band with a silly name!? This is the question on the lips of many fans and industry hacks! We are contemplating wearing capes when we perform from now on to exacerbate the epicness of our journey so far and from now on. If you are reading this you have been wonderful, we thank you and all our fans for checking us out.

This year has been the most organised size2shoes have been in terms of Christmas preparations. We think that maybe all the logistical preparation for the s2s tour during November may have improved our ability to get things done! This is beg news in the s2s camp as we without fail turn up empty handed at birthday and holiday events, though we do bring a guitar most places where there is a party! So if you have a party you want rocked, gis a call! we have been working on getting up and down chimneys for an extra special entrance!

Album sales are womping around the country, the sales have exceeded our wildest expectations and thanks to all who got in and bought our modest debut album! Let us know what your favourite track is! Take care of yourself and dont be too hard on yourself, life is too short - and your a good person!
so there,
Eoin & Moley