Eoin's blog: AAA rating

Moley went there - he actually went there with the Party Popper joke.  But just to let you all know in S2S Fan-Land, Size2shoes is a fully certified Triple AAA Rated "Family Show" - or your money back! Holy God!!!

And yes, yes, I won the Live 95FM Breakfast Show Biggie.  What can I say, I just got lucky.  Moley always beats me in feats of vocal strength, but just like the Irish in a World Cup qualifier, it all comes down to what happens on the day - such is the travesty of any competitive scenario.

And here's a prediction for future trends and fashions to come in the far far distant future - just imagine this: a world where competitions are as old-fashioned as handle-bar mustaches, or penny-farthing bicycles (google them if you haven't seen one before - bizarre)  The idea of a "winner" and a "loser" of a competition might start to seem as conservative and as unhelpful as "women in the kitchen" and "men out at work".

Today I saw the first Christmas trees being sold on the side of the road - Merry Christmas Everyone!!!