s2s blog: Size2shoes the new Jedward?!

We have been picking up chatter among the media, our sources have been noticing that corollaries are being made between Brother band Size2shoes and the latest X-Factor pop sensation John & Edward. Our research indicates that this may be as a result of Moley's ill fated Limerick X-Factor attempt several weeks ago, just before the 'Jedward' sensation. Moley was eliminated from the 1st round of Limerick X-Factor and is still pretty emotionally sensitive about the experience, get well soon Moley.

The links between 'Jedward' and Size2shoes are meatier than one would think at first glance. Their dad is from Limerick apparently! Jedward, also like Eoin & Moley, are into good old fashioned entertainment. Do you think that a collaboration with "Size2shoes feat. Jedward" is a good idea? Let us know, we are floating the idea to a number of PR companies worldwide, maybe we could emalgamate to make the greatest boyband that Limerick has ever produced! Watch this space :)