s2s blog: November beckons!

Hey shoes fans!

Whassapenin? So much goin on in the s2s world of wonder... We sang in Galway as part of Julie Feeney's band - we were the backing singers! Class tunes, check her out! Dr. Nóirín Ní Riain (our mom!) launched her book in Dublin 10 days ago! She is some legend, Size2shoes played a tune at the launch and wrote a short rap extolling her, and the books, virtues! It was dope and it rocked the house - in fact as a direct result the books publishers (Veritas) asked us to launch a kids book in Dublin in November! I think they must think that we are wacky dudes, but roll on kids book launch! Will let ya know details soon.

Of course the next big thing for Size2shoes is a series of gigs round Ireland in November starting in Dublin on November 6th @ The Sugar Club! Special guests the inimitable Julie Feeney and the legendary Paddy Maloney (The Chieftains). See the gigs page for a full list of the gigs! Moley entered a local X-Factor comp last week and got knocked out in the first round! Bummer...

We got reviewed in Hot Press this month also (the issue with Glen Hansard on the front) and it was a good review, the guy who reviewed it said that the album was 'so peachy keen and full of good advice that it makes me crave for paranoid schiziphrenic drug addicts with scar tissue and battered four track recorders' - wowsers, looks like the s2s debut album is really converting the cool kids :) !

How are you? Tell us! :)
Feel free to use the size2shoes.com website as an agony aunt/emotional advice service...we are here for you... :)