s2s blog: Teddy bear's picnic

Big shout out to all who came along to check out S2S at the Bandstand, Village Green at Electric Picnic. We really love the support, and judging by the smiles on faces, Size2 fans were left happy little bunnies.

We'd a great day out though, and now we have offically firmly stepped on the first rung of the Electric Picinic ladder; the only way is up.

I've just now heard that the Village Green area can be more accuralty described as the Village Brown. The picinic really was a mud fest. Was pleasantly surprised to discover how effecitve a pile of saw dust can be in soaking up mud.

Monday night sees us performing as second headline act at the UCD Freshers' Ball. For those of you reading from outside of the Republic, Univeristy College Dublin is Ireland's largest Uni, and a Fresher is a first year student. Will let you know how that goes, but an interesting S2S fact is that last Sunday we got to play for the President of UCC at this classy new venue in Ballymalloe; he came up to us after to profess his Size2shoes conversion; lets see now if we can convert those heathen students. We'll keep you posted.

Then an interesting kids' gig for the Killkenny "City" (thank you very much) library, which we'll have a great time doing. The title of the show we came up with was "Size2shoes Loves Books!"

And, check this out for random... http://www.californiachronicle.com/articles/yb/134912746
looks like we can't open our mouth round these parts without the whole of California getting in on the act. We'll be opening up for the Hot House Flowers for that night, which will be a bit of a dream come true :"There's a BLACK CAT"

Stay cool y'all,