Moley's blog: Calling all roses...

[caption id="attachment_388" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="size2shoes live"]size2shoes live at Union Chapel[/caption]

Hey dudes,
so Newstalk yesterday was pretty rad, Orla Barry is a nice chick, we didnt have much time though really, its nice to be stuck for time on nationaly radio :) we could stay on air for hours man! We could have our own freakin talkshow! 'The real shit: with Size2shoes' every sunday morning or somethin. Anyway hope that orla and her producers have us back at some stage.

Size2shoes are playing in Ballymaloe's hotel's little theatre for anyone round cork way, we are also singing with Noirin at the same gig so its a big family exrtravaganza! But tomorrow (Monday) Size2shoes take the stage for 20 mins at the Dome in Tralee sandwhiched between the Saw Doctors and Shane McGowan at the Rose of Tralee fest gig! There are 2,000 tickets sold already so we are looking forward to that! Sharon Shannon is also playing too so it will be great to meet those pillars of the scene :)

Hope your well and happy with whatever your into dudes, if not why not use the size2shoes comment option as your own special agony aunt, we will do our best to give constructive and sensitive anwers!!

Be Cool.