Moley's blog: Thriller

[caption id="attachment_328" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Happy days!"]Happy days![/caption]

Hey all, happy days indeed,
The brothers O Suilleabhain have secured two Micheal Jackson tickets, which makes us very happy, we are goin to the 28th August gig, MJ's dangerous album was the first album Eoin ever bought! back in the day. Pretty legendary year this year though as we got to sing with Bobby McFerrin and now goin to see Micky Jackson!

We are going on a walking tour of the Limerick Soviet landmarks on Easter saturday (Limerick is the real peoples republic! yo check your history books) Then Easter Sunday is a special day as it is Eoin's birthday!!
we shall have a wonderful day! i bought him some stupid presents which i shall reveal in the next blog.

We are singing with Noirin at a bhuddist conference in Killarney on the 26th of this month, ill whistle dixie!