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01. Take It Easy 02. Sitting by the Sea 03. Respect The Man 04. Mirage 05. Light In The Dark 06. Size2shoes 07. Sleeptight 08. Snooze 09. Proud 10. The Parting Glass

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Yo Ireland, and the world!

The brothers o Suilleabhain have not been resting on their laurels we will have you know. Here at size2shoes.com we have been beavering away like eager little amphibious teddy bears over the last while. That said we do apologise for the lack of updates on the marvelous time we have been having...

Our next gig coming up is at the wonderful Ballymaloe house in county Cork, word to all our Cork fans!. We are sharing the bill with our good father, and Professor of Music at University of Limerick, Micheal o Suilleabhain (he is a truly savage piano player!). Ballymaloe have a beautiful theatre that they converted from their outhouses and it will be a very fun gig guaranteed. So if you wanna learn more about this then follow this link and book as it will be jammed! I think there are some good offers on a dinner & concert combo so maybe you should spoil yourself..or another?!

After that we are doing an interesting gig in Dublin at The Helix. This is a fundraiser for St. Francis Hospice and will feature a good slot from Size2shoes, Brendan Gleeson, our mum Noirin ni Riain, and a Riverdance troupe, and I heard the legend Marty Whelan is presenting the night! If you are in Dublin and want a full on big shiny show, featuring the bros (and their lovely mother!) then follow this link!

In other news Christmas was a lonely time for our Moley as Eoin was in Buffalo,NY for the festive season with his beautiful girlfriend Andrea! Both the shoes were flying on one wing on different continents for the first time in quite a while. But now that he is back to good old Limerick we have been jamming and hatching plans to define a generation, through good old fashioned entertainment!

Size2shoes did many charity gigs over christmas and last weekend did a lovely gig in Galway at the house with yellow windows. Word to all our Galway fans, all of them, each and every one, living the dream on a daily basis...we will be back to that gig and will keep you informed via this blog! by the way if your on facebook then come join our group www.facebook.com/size2shoes. We have nearly 1,000 friends!

Peace to you for 2011, dont be hard on yourself :)

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s2s blog: Big shout out from Newfoundland! August 10 2010 , 2 Comments

Big Shout Out to all the Size2shoes Massive!!!!

We're writing here from Newfoundland, a hefty island off the North-east of Canada - and this place is like a young cousin of Ireland - everyone here speaks in an Irish accent. I don't know how to convey the strangeness of this, but it's true. This place is like an Irish colony! More Irish than the Irish themselves perhaps.

We're over here experiencing the privilege of working with one of Canada's musical heros, Mr. Alan Doyle, from the Fold Rock Sensation that is Great Big Sea. If you're into rip-tight vocals, driving rhythms and having and all round good time, I dare you to check out their website and not feel a smile creep across your face. (http://www.greatbigsea.com/)

And for the last three days we've gotten a pain in our face from laughing with Alan; and from all the singing that we've been doing with him. He a machine in the studio!!! And we can't believe our luck to be able to work with him. So stay tuned for an upload to this website of something real soon...

Tomorrow night we slay the audience of the Newfoundland Folk Festival here in the park in St John's. We got bumped up to the prime slot of 8pm Saturday night, so big shout out to Shelly Chase and Bob Hallet for shooting us up the bill - you rock!!! (www.garrisonhillentertainment.com)

So, till soon - we're off now to check out the Geological Museum here in NFL. Seemingly the island is the epicenter of no less than three tectonic plates! now put that in your pipe and smoke it ;)

God Bless

eoin & moley

s2s blog: An afternoon affair June 21 2010 , 1 Comment

Hey shoes fans.

Wanna big up all the Midsummer Moonwalkers in aid of the Hospice movement last Friday on Custom House Quay in Dublin. Size2shoes entertained the masses and loved the gig. Word to all involved. Size2shoes next Dublin appearance will be at the Kings Of Concrete event on Sunday 4th July. That will be an afternoon affair most likely but keep an eye on our facebook and this blog for more info closer to the date. Check out the Kings of Concrete website too!

We are also doing a charity gig in NewCastle West in Co. Limerick on the 30th of June (this month!) More details to follow re venue etc. Dont even know the charity that we are raising for! ha. We have a new motto here at Size2shoe, it "If your not payin, then we are playin!". God it feels good to be a gangsta:)

Be cool Ireland, and the world.

s2s blog: Powerhouse Spring greetings! April 22 2010 , 1 Comment

Hello Ireland, and the world.

Spring greetings from dynamic sibling powerhouse Size2shoes. It has been so long since an apostolic letter was sent out among the Size2shoes faithful so its good to be back!

So much has gone on and here is some of it!... we appeared on Imeall Geal (an Irish language pop music show on BBC NI!) and we will hopefully have the clip so you can check out our stunted Irish speaking! Word to all who helped us out that day. We are just heading to a gig in Waterford now to rock out in support of David Geraghty at Phil Grimes bar! Go on de Deise!

We have been in contact with the guy who is gonna produce our 2nd album too, a wacky dude called Alan Doyle from the Canadian band 'Great Big Sea'. Great things are affoot.

Eoin's beautiful girlfriend arrives from New York shortly and she stays in Limerick for the summer! So expect a series of soppy love songs and romantic hooks coming from Eoin this summer! Moley is giving a couple of rap workshops in secondary schools these days, bringing the message of hip hop and teaching beatbox techniques to the kids of the world! Go Mole. Size2shoes also just finished a tour of 16 secondary schools in 6 days! We perform for an hour with trad vibes as we were joined by the wonderful international trad superstar Ciara O'Sullivan on Harp and Flute! Much fun was had. Word to the traddies.

Oh yah, and Eoin was 30 years old a few days ago! Momentous times as Eoin heads into his fourth decade!
How are you?
Well we hope!
Size2shoes ;)

s2s blog: hilarious consequences. April 02 2010 , 0 Comments

So, what exactly have Size2shoes been up doing with themselves these days?

Well, we've been doing a lot of workshops in schools around the country.  This has proven to have hilarious consequences.  From small halls packed with screaming convent girls, to cups of milky tea in staff rooms - rock and roll!

Currnetly writing to you from this cool little gaf in Belgium (http://www.rosario.be/rosario.html) where we're doing an interesting little gig with our mom. We just saw an Orthodox Russian Choir here who blew our faces off! There called "Sveltillen". Nice.

Me and Moley spent last week woodshedding in our cousins holiday home in Lehinch on the storm tossed West Coast of Ireland - word up to Connor and hie Crew!  Writing some sweet new tunes and experimenting with all kinds of new recording techniques.

Speaking of which I was in Turkey last week and bought a Saz man! Here's me doing a little expo of exactly what the Saz can do!!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pt3K0baKWAg) Watch out for this in future Size2 gigs :) Big love out to all the Giresun posse that I met and looked after me over there.  Turkey for the EU - Let's Roll!!!!!

Keep on rocking in the free world peeps.

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It's funny. They say that no news is good news, but in the newspaper business, good news really isn't news at all. The same, some might say, could be said for the world of art and music.
From Cobain to Cohen, Morrissey to Joy Division the overwhelming majority of musicians have a huge leaning to the darker side of the tracks. The reasons are this are many – some write to confess, others to protest but the single greatest reason – according to page 23 of the rock and roll bible, is that is it simply much more difficult to write great happy songs.

Read the rest and listen