This is the summer of our dreams to come…

Owen and Moley’s blog is here again to act as air-conditioning for your soul (or your money back!).

Thanks for reading our latest account of the prescient summer season. Both Owen and Moley are in flying form as they perform for audiences large and (mostly) small!!

The brothers Ó Súilleabháin have two albums almost ready for release: the much anticipated Filleadh: Sacred Songs, Echoes from Ancient Ireland & Around the World, and a freshly baked ‘Folk Songs’ album! We will notify you shortly of the availability of these albums, but we know already that we are rather proud of them :)

For our Irish fans, we do a concert on the 23rd June at Ballymaloe House’s beautiful Grainstore venue. Owen and Moley share the stage with their father, Prof. Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin (piano)! This promises to be a fun filled night of virtuosic tunes and a lot of variety, so if you’re in Ireland do think about attending the gig at Ireland’s classiest country house hotel.

The 2 lads are travelling to Ireland at the end of June to accompany the poet David Whyte’s tour of the Burren once more. We will also accompany David on his tour of Tuscany at the end of August. It is this 7-day tour of county Clare that really opened up so many opportunities and connections in the USA for us.  We thank all of you who have walked with us on the Burren and in Tuscan vineyards…

Here is a list of our comings and goings the last couple of months!

1. Any Given Sunday…

flatbush      Flatbush Church photo

We returned to sing at Flatbush Reformed Church in Brooklyn once again for their smashing Sunday service. This space is, amazingly, the oldest continually used site for religious worship in New York City! Owen and Moley have visited this cool congregation several times since they moved to NYC and seriously dig the pastor Cheri Kroon who is a strong, inspired and deeply spiritual lady.

2. Singing for Buddhists and Thought Leaders…

Insight Meditation Centre (1)   Bhudda image (1)   emotional intelligence cover

Owen and Moley sang for a beautiful meditation session at the Insight Meditation Center in Newburyport, Massachusetts. The retreat was led by the earthly Larry Rosenberg. We also met the author Daniel Goleman, who wrote the seminal book ‘Emotional Intelligence’ in 2005. That book was required reading for Owen and Moley and, no doubt, many of you reading right now. Goleman was a big fan of our singing and even suggested the possibility of us performing at one of his talks in the future! Needless to say, that would be epic…

3. Artists Without Walls…

koro      Koro and Owen and Moley

We performed at an artists’ showcase at Lehman College in the Bronx during April, and again at the Artists Without Walls salon evening in Chelsea, NYC. We performed our new multicultural collaboration with a wonderful Nigerian poet named Koro Koroye, mixing ancient Irish song with her reflections on ancestry in several languages. Click here for a profile of Owen and Moley by the AWOW team!

4. Prescott College Sustainability Education Symposium…

owen in desert     o_m_desert

Owen and Moley punctuated a 2-day PhD symposium with song at Prescott College, Arizona. This was our first time going to the desert, so we were suitably excited. Such a great theme of ecological sustainability wove through this conference. It’s so important that this educational research is going on so that our generation can continue the momentum toward the goal of free energy and global sustainability. Everybody dug our songs and stories, and now we can add PhD symposiums to our list of leftfield events that we have had the pleasure of performing at since our transplantation to the USA!

5. Indoor Garden Party Down Under….?


There are rumblings from the house of Crowe and his folk buddy and Canadian rockstar Alan Doyle that there may be a spate of Indoor Garden Party concerts in Australia in January 2014! With an all-star cast that assembled in NYC in November 2012, this is a highly charged music variety show hosted by the iconic Crowe and Doyle. Special guests in the past include Hugh Jackman and STING. We will confirm dates as soon as we know the lay of the land, but to our Australian fans…If you’re out there….we will be with you in no time :)

Until next time, stay cool!

Owen & Moley