Good tidings people of the World!

Hello from Owen and Moley—here again to give you a fleeting glimpse of our last few months! We hope you will read this account of our antics and find in it what you need to tame a world gone mad.

Things have gladly calmed down a bit, but a mental March (St. Patrick’s Month), still rings in our ears. We hope your taxes are in order! We scraped by surprisingly well…considering our combined financial consciousness resembles that of a very intelligent 7 year old child…..


Here is a list of things that we have been up to :) :

1) Two New Albums!

First things first, we recorded two new albums in the last three months. We are now putting the finishing touches on an a capella album of SACRED song, to be released by the end of the April. And shortly after we will release our FOLK songs album. So proud to finally have these songs recorded!


2) Performing at the WAKE UP FESTIVAL

We are performing in Boulder, Colorado, for the Sounds True Wake Up Festival in August. This is a five day immersive experience showcasing a myriad of different themes and performances. We are very glad to be part of it! Visit the website and get an early bird ticket offer that ends May 1st.

wake up


3) United Religions Initiative

We travelled to San Francisco and performed for the beautifully visionary interfaith organization, the United Religions Initiative. We have already been booked by that organization for their gala dinner in 2015! Our first booking for 2015…(God only knows where ANY of us will be at that stage but we did agree to do the gig!) We also did 2 very cool house concerts while in San Francisco and had a ball… Thanks to all those we met along the way.



4) Video Shoot for The Teaching Channel

We did a COOL video shoot for a really amazing online organization called The Teaching Channel. We filmed two songs for this online resource for teachers all over America, and we really enjoyed it. We doctored the lyrics to our song ‘To Do List’ to mirror teachers’ real concerns and it was a serious laugh. Also a group of teachers appeared as backing singers and general funny heads in another video that day. Can’t wait to show you all! For now check out the Teaching Channel website and pass it onto your teacher friends.



5) Working with the University of Texas at San Antonio

We are heading for San Antonio, Texas, in a week to work with the University of Texas San Antonio’s Center for Professional Excellence . We love the idea that our performance can inspire creative leadership within organizations, and we’re grateful to the CPE for encouraging us in this new world.


6) Moley in an off Broadway show!

was in a play in NYC! An off Broadway play written by an Irishman called Brendan Connellan. Moley played Voltaire for 7 nights to full houses in a small theatre at Theatre Row in midtown Manhattan. Could this be the beginning of his stage career?! For now, Moley will continue moonlighting as a singer…


6) Happy Birthday Owen!

Owen celebrated his birthday in mid April! Happy birthday to the older brother, Owen, who is a real all around legend. There are so many inappropriate things that could be said here….maybe in the next blog…


That’s all for now! Thanks for reading! We will let you know when and where our sacred songs album is available (and its deep Irish name)! Shortly after that we will have our folk songs album for y’all to vibe with. Thanks so much for your support and attention! We will be in touch soon with more vibes and a rundown of summer gigs.


Be very, very good :) …