ST. PATRICK'S MONTH IS HERE The summer approacheth!

Yes, we just used the word ‘aproacheth’…why? WHY NOT!

StPatricks-puppy-leprechaunWell Owen and Moley have been surfing the currents of more remarkable people and performances since the last time we sent out this mostly contritional newsletter! Here in New York City the snowstorm came and went, and we have much good tidings to relay to you wherever you are in the world!

Firstly, we hope you also have been well in your quest to find your fate, achieve your destiny, or simply to keep going! Keep it up. If you can find anything in our stories, we hope you find some inspiration, some audacity, or at least some humor in what can be a really tough incarnation for all of us at different times in our lives.

Owen and Moley head for San Francisco shortly to perform for the United Religions Initiative Festival of Light fundraising dinner. This is a wonderful event to sing at and we love SF’s vibez!



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We recorded a lovely SACRED SONGS album in Glenstal Abbey in early January, and we will record a FOLK SONGS album here in NY in early April. Stay tuned!

We are looking for more bookings for 2013 and beyond. We perform a wide range of music, from our sacred song to Irish traditional song to our own pop songs. We are excellent at performing for formal and informal occasions, from weddings to house concerts, kids and ‘adults’! Also we can present to an organization or leadership forum on several themes, and we can speak to a range of groups from corporate to educational. Vocal music and song really lifts the scope of an event and brings a deeper form of attention and excitement to any event…

Why not inquire to see if Owen and Moley can perform or present at any event going on in your personal or professional life!!



1) PILGRIM: David Whyte @ Asilomar, California

We joined the dynamic poet and speaker David Whyte in California in early January at his annual Asilomar weekend. This hotbed of creativity and circle of inquiry was one of the first undeniable signs of abundance that we encountered when we first emigrated here in January 2012. Returning to this event was an emotional act for us as it marked a full year of survival as professional singers (and friends!). If you haven’t seen David Whyte speak, we urge you to take the plunge, when you have listened you will be astounded at the mere potentiality of the language we use to articulate our world…(dude…)



2) St. Brigid’s Day @ Wisdom Ways, St. Paul, Minneapolis (with our mum!!)

Wisdom Ways is a really cool organization that has a fascinating program of speakers and performers in a transformational or spiritual vein. We did a concert with our mother, Dr. Nóirín Ní Riain, in St. Paul to celebrate St. Brigid’s Day on February 1st. We had a super time and are so grateful to for hosting us for the couple of days. We love you Minnesota!


3) Two performances in one day @ Irish Arts Center, NYC

The Irish Arts Center NYC  had us as part of their Spring program and both shows were full: a kids’ show matinee and a grown-up show that evening! Very rock n roll! This was our first time performing a full show at the IAC and we loved it. Moley also sang a song at the SHOW YOUR LOVE gathering for young patrons of the IAC, which was a cool event!



4) Los Angeles Once More! (Russell Crowe & Bad Robot)

In early February we got an email from Mr. Crowe inviting us to an Oscar night after party at the Beverley Hills Hotel. Knowing that this type of invitation does not happen every day, Owen and Moley hopped a plane to Los Angeles to attend and play a few tunes with RC and his crew. Moley & RZA Greenwich hotelTwas a great night with songs from the inimitable Scott Grimes, and the Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA supplying some hip hop vibes as Moley beatboxed along. The brothers dragged themselves away from the party at 5am in order to get some sleep before a darling lunchtime concert for the staff at BAD ROBOT studios in Santa Monica. This was an extremely ‘Hollywood’ 24 hours as we rocked the Frank Sinatra suite at the Beverley Hills Hilton and BAD ROBOT studios all within 12 hours. From a distance it may seem we have ‘made it’, but we are still taking financial donations from our fans and readers!



5) St. Patrick's Day FOR ALL!

We were back in the Irish Arts Center NYC on March 1st, to perform at the official St. Patricks Day FOR ALL concert. This is the alternative St. Patricks day festival in New York. festival is an inclusive and triumphant alternative to the more conservative St. Patricks day event on March 17th, which excludes certain groups from marching in the official parade. We are very proud to be associated with it!


6) Owen’s wife, Andrea, GOT A JOB!

Andrea Ó Súilleabháin is a fellow at the International Peace Institute in Manhattan, across from the United Nations General Assembly. We are very proud of her, and this is exactly where she imagined she would use her considerable talents for the forces of GOOD and PEACE. She’ll be writing on global issues a couple times a month, on IPI’s Global Observatory site.



-- This weekend, we head for San Francisco to sing for the United Religions Initiative for their gala dinner at the 4 seasons.

-- We appear at the Artist Without Walls Event on the 26th March in NYC!

-- We record our FOLK SONGS album in early April.

-- April should also see the release of our SACRED SONGS album.

If you are still reading this then congratulations, you can truly count yourself as being one of the few of us who DON’T work too hard! Remember, it’s not about the money, or your image, or what you think of yourself…LIFE is only about what LIFESTYLE you wish to LIVE.


Easier said than done….

We love you, and thank you, and look forward to hearing from you :)

Your Irish Lads holding the fort here in NYC,

Owen and Moley

Celtic Dream & s2s