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'Just another ordinary extraordinary day' – John McGahern

Hello and welcome to another size2shoes blog :)         
We bid you good morrow from our Size2shoes HQ. Please read on for a systematically chaotic version of events that have happened and will happen to these Irish best friends, who happen to be brothers…
How are you? Whats going on? We don’t know…. :)


We are travelling to Tuscany with the brilliant David Whyte in Late August. We are heading back to Seattle for a performance on September 21st. We return to Los Angeles on September 27th.  We head for Annapolis and Minneapolis in October. We are back in Seattle AGAIN (Bainbridge Island) first weekend in November for another David Whyte event, Poetry in the Woods.

We head for San Francisco in at the 2nd weekend in November….Thats just some of the dates we are  playing! (oh and Owen is getting married in August too to the beautiful Andrea Elizabeth Laidman!). So we are getting busier! Thank you!!

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Something happens when we put our heads together, there is a meaning in all of this…. America has a curious effect on the Irish mind and, as you know, Owen & Moley are extremely Irish!

Our extra-ordinary story of emigration and trepidation is bearing some amazing fruit! The brothers have found  support in every corner and have decided to stay in the New York City for another 12 months!!! (this revelation is beyond our, and maybe even your, wildest dreams!)

New York City has had a profound impact on Size2shoes core beliefs, performance technique, their own art, and the value that their varied repertoire  can bring to people of all walks of life. Our goal here in Size2shoes HQ has always been to  create a unique, touching, fun, and accessible show that is simply two singers who are brothers, who embody and believe in the inspirational and transformational power of Music and Performance for audiences of all ages (easy!...right?..).

Some amazingly cool gigs in the past and future (Seattle to Ballyvaughan)


We did a series of amazing house concerts in Seattle a couple of weeks ago. We performed 4 concerts, 3 in private houses (Thank you Gladys  & Julie, Heidi & Harris, and Larry & Nancy!). We also performed and attended  a GREAT workshop by the Poet Libby Wagner. Thanks to Libby for mentoring us and encouraging us at every juncture, we love your vibe! We also sang to a lovely group for a fundraiser for Allen Miller, a man running for Superior Court Judge in Olympia, the capitol of Washington State (This was our 1st political booking in America!) Check out Judge Miller's political chops here and vote for our man Miller!!

We were lucky enough to sing at the Irish Consul’s residence a couple of times in the past few months. The Irish Consul General is a man called Noel Kilkenny, first cousin of the renowned musicologist PJ Curtis! He and his wife Hanora are super cool in our book. We sang for the 10th anniversary of HOPE charity at the invitation of Maura Kelly, an emmy award winning artist and film-maker. We also sang at the Bloomsday event at the Irish Consulate proper on 5th avenue, the next day Moley headed for Irish super pub Ulysses near Wall street to celebrate the James Joyce themed Bloomsday. Moley sang a firmly tongue in cheek version of ‘The Croppy Boy’! Here is a great photo of him singing with the author, and MC for the event, Colum McCann behind soaking it all up!

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We are also just back from a week in Ballyvaughan with the goodly poet David Whyte. This was the fourth time we have accompanied the poet on his spirit quest soul searching walking and poetry tour of The Burren region in County Clare. Our career has been directly influenced by this poet’s performance style and also the abundant support of his community of enquiry. Well done to all who accompanied us on the trip this year and in years past, keep in touch with us and we will meet again! The author John O Donohue always features in David’s poetic memory of Ballyvaughan, and ours too, if you have never heard of John O Donohue then be sure to follow this link.

We did 2 lovely gigs in The Half Moon Theatre in Cork city during our small soujourn in Ireland too, we had the great pleasure of having a guest act perform during our matinee show called Voiceworks Studio Ensemble (these kids were sure epic singers, if your in the Cork area sign up all the delinquent teens you can find!)

We have also been asked to sing at the residence of the Irish Ambassador to the United Nations, Anne Anderson, on September 11th next. We are thrilled to sing for this small event. This will be, as you know, our first performance for the United Nations. Our mother, Dr. Noirin Ni Riain, served as artist in residence to the United Nations in the 1990’s. She flew to Sarajevo and performed at several artistic outreach events organised there to help post war communities humanise themselves after so much atrocity that had occurred there.It will be a proud moment for us to pick up where our mother left off and sing with gladness for the Peace makers of the world!

On top of all of this, Owen actually harboured an ambition to become Secretary General of the United Nations throughout much of his teens and early twenties! So it is a dream come true to serve this great organisation in any way we can (Watch out Ban Ki Moon)!!

Hearthfire centre @ Tarrytown

We also attended a Spring Mandala at a beautiful venue upstate NY in a small town called Tarrytown. We are so glad to have performed a concert in Hearthfire in the early days of our arrival here in NYC, and we look forward to drawing on the strong community that exists there and will definitely hold another performance there. This place is called Hearthfire and they run some inspired retreats and concerts, we saw Bela Fleck, the banjo master,  play solo there to a warm audience! This place has a huge future in our hearts, and has been a touchstone since our move from Ireland. Thank you Hearthfire!

Alan Doyle: The boy on bridge

Over the past few years we have had the distinct experience of forging a friendship with Canadian rockstar Alan Doyle of the Newfoundland based folk rock royalty band ‘Great Big Sea’. Alan has spread his wings and released a solo album ‘Boy on Bridge’ and is currently touring the USA imploring his fans to dig it and rocking every single show he does (BRAVO!). We met Alan in Ireland with his good friend Russell Crowe a couple of years ago when the 2 lads were on a pilgrimage to the memory of great Irish actor Richard Harris! We have continued to have needless random banter at every opportunity, and even managed to co-write a few songs in between the last couple of years! In this regard Alan invited us to guest with him at the NYC leg of his tour in City Winery to a packed house. We sang the song ‘Irish Hearts Are Hard To Break’, a play on the vast communal imagery of the mythical island of Ireland and the famed resilience of the Irish ‘mind’…anyway we certainly did not suck, and nor did we rehearse very much, so that was definitely a win win situation – Much obliged for the invitation Mr. Doyle…much obliged…(oh and by the way there is talk of Mr. Doyle & Mr. Crowe, and us!, performing a concert together in the fall here in NYC! We will let you know asap)

What lies ahead of Owen & Moley…?


Though these two brothers are essentially quite different both in their approach to life and music,  life has a funny way of reconciling and uniting people solely through admiration of difference. This is what Peace should be!

::: Speaking of Peace...Oh, one final thing… :::


Owen Benedict O Suilleabhain & Andrea Elizabeth Laidman will be joined in wedlock bands on August 11th in Buffalo, NY. What a joyous and fantastic event this will be when we welcome this wonderful woman into our family. Thank you Andrea! Welcome to the band! Moley will act as best man for the wedding and will be very happy if he can get through his best man speech without breaking down in tears as he wishes his best friend, and brother, a happy and soulful marriage.


And God bless all of you who have read this epistle!

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