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The continued story of Owen & Moley

Good Morrow fellow human beings!

If you're reading this you are alive, and on that front congratulations are in order. Whether you are old or young, we here at size2shoes have musical expertise to make you feel the divinity of life! For it is through song that we have chosen to live on this earth, and we invite you too to sing out at every inexplicable turn life throws at you.

This month the brothers O Suilleabhain are heading to Seattle at the end of June, also meeting with some people from the Irish Arts Centre to set up a possible Autumn show there! We head to Seattle at the end of June for a couple of wonderful house concerts. The summer is coming thick and fast here in NYC and it is with great pleasure that we announce a concert back home in Ireland!
Cork Half Moon Theatre, Sunday July 15th.
Matinee family show 2pm & an evening show 8pm.
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Well Owen & Moley have been working hard as the heat and humidity climbs in NYC. The brothers have had an extraordinary array of gigs and invitations to perform since they landed in America in January. The mission of Owen & Moley has always been to use music and performance for the forces of good and not evil. The brothers mission is to sing to inspire the listener and create a space where positive reflection but also to entertain and bring a sense of joy and elation through music.

Since landing here in the USA Size2shoes have brought in several new elements to their performance. Storytelling, Irish traditional song and the acapella religious song that we learned from our family has sat right on equal par with the pop songs we came from Ireland to play. It is this mix of the ancient traditions of religious and traditional music with our upbeat inspirational and ultra modern songs that has received the most extraordinary feedback...and it is something which we ourselves have thoroughly enjoyed..

Its almost as if we have 'owned' the religious song repertoire more since we arrived in this strange country. Here at Size2shoes HQ, the brothers are working out what all this means....

We have decided to incorporate all the styles of music that we have learned into one show. To speak and Story-tell alongside the songs we have written and the ancient traditional religious song we have inherited. We have decided to focus on a certain type of event that would fully benefit from this more holistic approach to our performance. These events could be Artistic retreats, Music education, Speaking events, Therapeutic events, Organisational develepment, events to name but a few. It is this type of performance that we can offer most to and it is this type of even that inspires us and the audience the most.

We are still trying to articulate what this new direction should be called...but we know that Owen & Moley O Suilleabhain (size2shoes) are more than the sum of their parts, and that no element of their heritage and performance should be excluded in the pursuit of a sustainable musical act that can really affect people in a positive way...

But dont worry people!

The support we have gotten from all corners has been beyond our wildest dreams. The potential we have is all the more exciting the more we relax and become fully ourselves and trust that our audience is fully able to understand and be understood through our performance. If you are reading this blog, then you yourself have already recognized that there is something subterraneously awesome going on. We will do our best to bring our full potential to the surface, and you all will be invited to the presidential suite for the after party :)

Now that we have given you the latest gossip of our time here in the United States, you will be glad to hear that we have been hanging around a lot of inspirational women!

1) Firstly our mother, singer and theologian, Dr. Noirin Ni Riain came to visit us here in NYC for a week. What a wonderful few days with our darling Irish Mammy, oh how we miss her since we moved here to New York City last January... big love mother dear. See you mid July back on home turf! Keep on rockin!

2) Marcia Cross (aka Bree from Desperate Housewives) was on Ireland's Saturday night talk show hosted by Brendan O Connor and gave us lads a shout out on our national TV station! We hung out with the indomitable Marcia and her lovely husband Tom in Ireland with the really wonderful poet/philosopher David Whyte on a tour of The Burren in Ireland for 7 days 1 year ago. We are on our way back to BallyVaughan again this July for another week with David Whyte and his always inspirational group of followers! We also follow the good poet David Whyte to Tuscany every August for a week of walking and poetry...Yes, we do know how lucky we are to get 'gigs' like that!!!

3) Also in town was the 'sister we never had', Irish singer and songwriter Julie Feeney. We sang with her in Ireland a few times in the past. We find her music is similiar in vibe to our pop creations and we strongly suggest you check her out. We sang with her here last week in a penthouse of the Irish Consul General! And we sang with her at Signature Theatre in NYC last week too! We rocked the house!! Rock on Julie!

4) We also entertained the wonderful violinist Lizzie Ball, leader of The Orchestra of Life, the violinist Nigel Kennedy's touring ensemble. We met and jammed with the classical legend Nigel Kennedy a couple of years ago in Ireland and he invited us to perform with him at the Cork Jazz Festival and, more recently, to go on a 30 date tour of England and Germany with him! PROPER! but we couldnt go, commitments here in the US prevented us:( Next time time). Lizzie Ball is such a smooth operator and quintessential English lady. We can see exactly why Nigel trusts her with such a mammoth amount of responsibilty. She is a monster fiddle player and a beautiful singer,

5) We have also now sang twice at a beautiful church service in Brooklyn, NY. St. Anne's Church on Church Avenue is the oldest church in Brooklyn and the preacher there is a wonderful and inspirational woman called Cheri Kroon (and Rev. Dan Ramm!). We accompanied the choir or beautiful pilgrims and sang a few songs ourselves. Cheri last Sunday let loose her enlightened opinions on the role of women in The Church. We LOVE a bit of feminist theology here at :)


This is the latest and greatest news we have to offer. So glad that you read this blog. We love to love. Incidentally so does Owen, one half of Size2shoes who is marrying the beautiful Andrea Laidman this August.

Another inspirational woman who we have been so lucky to add to our posse.

God bless you Andrea! and all the Laidman clan:)!


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P.S. We do really love you!!
Here's a link to a track called Proud from our 2009 debut.