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There is a museum in Los Angeles called The Getty Villa, a full reincarnation of a Roman palace. It was here with the sea breeze that Owen & Moley fully arrived for the second installment of their ongoing American saga...

Ancient classical narratives of adhering through adversity in search of meaning and the realisation of dreams were coursing through both of the brothers minds...their fears and inspirations bouncing through the immaculate halls of this extraordinary Roman reincarnation in the middle of pacific pallisades.

Size2shoes had come to town with several missions, one house party, one public slot in an industry showcase night, and a meeting with some music industry gatekeepers.

The house concert was a roaring success. The beautiful abode of Una & Ian Fox. Una, now works at Disney, played Cello in a student orchestra in Ireland that our dad conducted when she was 18 years old...her husband Ian was main camera operator on the movie you can imagine it was a very cool party. Needless to say Owen & Moley rocked the house with aplomb. The Desperate Housewives actor Dana Delany gave Owen a bottle of wine at the gig, but security took it from him going through security at the airport....doh! Sorry Dana...keep the bottles coming. So good to have Topanga canyon mountain man Scott Garen and his lovely wife at that gig too. We love his inspirational presence when we are in LA. Thank you Scott!

We were set up with a meeting too with the head of AnR at Universal Republic records. This guy Tom Makay, of Scottish descent he told us, is a really nice guy. Works on the TV show The Voice doing all their songs choices and releases, so you can imagine what type of clout he has around the place. He dug the brothers and had some great advice to impart to the lads. Much obliged Mr. Makay...much obliged...

bad robotThe lads also popped into the BAD ROBOT offices to say how's it going to the music man there Charles Scott. Peace to all the krew there at that wonderfully creative space. We hope to get back there in May again.......(exciting)

That night Size2shoes appeared alongside the Kiwi pop singing powerhouse Kimbra at LA's premier showcase 'Its a school night' run by the honorable KCRW radio DJ Chris Douridas. That gig was a true realisation of Owen & Moley's live potential, thanks to all we met there. Fictional rumours are rife that there were some romantic vibes flying between Moley and the inimitable Kimbra, but alas the two vocal virtuoso's passed each other like ships in the night...Moley stated that he just couldn't handle a long distance relationship with the industry's hottest young female act. Fly will always mean so much to us here at Size2shoes...

Oh by the way,Vivian Campbell, guitarist with Def Leopard, came along to this gig to see the brothers do their thing and he and his lovely girlfriend were big fans! He offered the lads tickets to see Def Leopard when they play NYC! Boom!

The lads also played a few tunes and had a lovely meeting with a woman called Kathleen Carey, of SonyATV Publishing when they were in LA. She was gracious and encouraging, and her family is originally form Kilmallock, County Limerick! The Irish LA mafia is growing, and galvanising around the brothers O Suilleabhain, and many friends are being made in Tinseltown...

Blogs are our way of saying we love you! We love your lovely brains AND your lovely bodies!

Now, onto the latest recounting of our antics...

Starting with the month of March Owen & Moley were lucky enough to be invited by the sisters of St. Annes convent in Englewood cliffs to perform a lovely luchtime concert for them, some of those sisters are from Ireland and joined the order sixty something years ago! Mighty, mighty women, and a wonderful experience to kick off our our fun up to our first St. Patricks day in the USA! By the way this convent is one of the cleanest buildings in the world, everything is spotless. One of the sisters attributed the obsessive cleaning routine directly to the orders vows of interesting theory :)

St Patricks Cathedral
The Irish language and traditional repertoire was dusted off again too for some very cool gigs in St. Patrick's Cathedral, NYC, nestled very futuristically between skyscrapers in uptown Manhattan. The lads also performed a slot at a celebration of Irish & Appalachian music in Symphony Space Theater. Thanks to Prof. Mick Moloney and The Irish Arts Centre for those gigs.





Also the wonderful Meg Malloy has been working with Owen & Moley on a series of salon-esque house concerts in her wonderful apartment in NYC. These performances are right at the core of the American experience so far. This platform in particular has allayed fear and strengthened resolve as the story rolls on. Thank you Meg!

2 great house concerts in the homes of Ann & Tom Wotring in Washington D.C, and in the home of Dr. Clyde Croswell (former head of US Military band!) made sure that we did D.C in superb style. What an inspirational crowd we are gathering in the capital!

One abiding memory of March and the St. Patricks month was a lovely concert that Owen & Moley did at Heathfire Centre in Tarrytown, NY. The brothers reconnected with a friend of theirs who they last met in Ireland and there were a crowd of 50 strong vibing with the lads that night in one of the nicest private venues in the world. Also that night the lads jammed with Dean Friedman, a singer and songwriter and deep influence on Owen & Moley. His wife owns a monkey!

If you are still reading, congratulations!

So what is ahead of Owen & Moley you may ask?
The summer is fast approaching...Owen will marry his beautiful fiance Andrea in Buffalo, NY and Ireland...
Owen & Moley still need your help, so if there are any gigs or concert/performance ideas swimming around your wonderful brains that would help us make a few quid then do please get in touch! Satisfaction guaranteed!
God bless you all in Ireland and beyond, keep us in your thoughts and prayers.
Peace, till next time....
Owen & Moley